A dynamic mobile video
and communications
solution for enterprises
that drives growth.

Who We Are

iCHANNEL, the only award winning enterprise level rich media & communications platform providing unsurpassed user experience and engagement.

We do this by combining all the functionality of existing resources to provide an integrated all-in-one mobile solution.

Complete Mobile Engagement

Turn your videos and assets into a customized experience that drives better engagement

Customized Content

Serve up tailored content for the ultimate personalized user experience where and when they need it most

Continuous Contact

Keep your content alive and monetize your assets by pulse distribution and targeted push notifications

Smart Execution

One integrated platform lets you learn your audience and implement targeted changes with unprecedented cost and speed


Our scalable platform can provide all-in-one solutions combining
the features your business needs to succeed.


Our advanced integrated video platform allows you to better train your staff and share best practices

– Corporate Training
– Enterprise Communications
– Internal Social Networking

Customer Service

Customized content enables brands to give customers the best mobile experience that increases retention and loyalty

– Customer Support
– Loyalty Programs
– Virtual Sales Rep


Distribute and monetize premium content and continuously engage your customers

– Premium Content Distribution
– M-Commerce
– Affiliate Advertising


Our full set of features allows for a more effective way to communicate with your audience, turning your mobile app into a live channel…

Progressive Downloading

We offer downloading in addition to streaming content so users can access content when and where they need it most.

Social Sharing

Let your message go viral with integrated social sharing. User can share videos, playlists and other content on their own networks with one click.

Mobile Uploads

Uploading content has never been easier. Mobile uploading allows you to upload videos from anywhere from your mobile device.

Smart Notifications

Target users by demographic, location or distribution list and reach who you want, when you want, for the results you need.

2-Way Communication

Teams can now communicate quicker and better with each other with our built in messaging technology fostering unity and productivity.


Offer premium content directly to users as an in-app purchase, or imbed your m-commerce site right into your app.


Consumer Experience

Unparalleled Consumer Experience your customers will love…

– Consumer centric content tailored to meet users’ needs
– Quick state-of-the art distribution
– Integrated all-in-one solution

Consumer Engagement

Build your brand by keeping your users engaged…

– Smart Push Notifications based on user groups
– Pulse distribution keeps channel fresh
– Downloadable content provides on-demand access

Customized Scale

A cost effective solution for unlimited growth…

– Our flexible CMS allows unprecedented speed to market
– Monetize assets and deliver customized experiences based on user type
– Cost effective way to have multiple versions of the same app

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